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Composite Forgings Ltd. is an ISO 9001 Certified open die forging company. We specialize in supplying custom forgings up to 10 Tons to major industries such as heavy equipment, oil field exploration/production, ship building, mining, steel mill repair and power generation. Our forgings are produced in a variety of materials and are tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

Composite Forgings also supplies a range of forging die steels to the impression die forging industry.

With an ideally located, impressively equipped, 2 acre facility, Composite Forgings is able to handle a range of jobs from the smallest, simplest parts to the largest and most intricate forgings. Composite Forgings also possesses a 10,000 square foot service center and 2 machine shops.

In business for over 70 years, Composite Forgings has the skill and experience to tailor forgings to your exact specifications with the utmost precision. Contact us today for a no-obligation quotation.

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Products created through open die forging and upset forging are inherently superior in strength and durability than parts that are cast, machined or welded. Open die forging changes the metal to the desired shape while breaking up the cast structure and producing finer aligned grains.

We can produce unique shapes including rings, discs, bars, single hubs, double hubs, and step-down shafts making open die forging an excellent choice for custom metal parts.

Heat Treat

The heat treatment of forgings is critical to developing the desired characteristics such as the refinement of grain structure, the attainment of improved mechanical and physical properties and relieving of internal stresses.

Composite Forgings maintains state-of-the-art, computer controlled, fiber-lined gas furnaces engineered to provide reliable temperature uniformity and accurate and retrievable heat treatment data. We are dedicated to providing forgings that have consistent properties as a result of our repeatable processes.

Composite Forgings provides a variety of machining services, which can cut your costs and speed up your production time. We maintain and staff two-dedicated machine shops that handle pieces up to 10 tons. Our rough machining services can be engineered to your exact specifications. We can machine rings, discs, bars, single hubs, double hubs, step-down shafts and more. Our experienced staff can meet all your machining needs.
We provide proof-positive quality to meet your exact specifications. We offer a full array of certified testing services including Mechanical, Chemical, NDT, Hardness, General Inspection, Micro Structure Tests and Ultrasonic Tests. We perform tests on site and in a A2LA, ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. Our skilled and experienced staff is certified as Level I and Level II inspectors. All testing equipment is regularly calibrated in accordance with the ISO standards.
Forging Die Steels

With 4 decades of experience to draw from
we have perfected the art of hot work forging die steels. Utilizing advanced steel melting technology and incorporating Micro-
Alloying additions our die steels possess
balanced chemistry and excellent
mechanical properties.

Our HARDTEM® family of forging die steels includes Hardtem®, Prestem®, Pyrotem®, Thermotem® and Super Hardtem®. They are double tempered for uniform hardness and improved machining. All die steels are ultrasonic tested for soundness. We have standard rounds and rectangles in stock and the ability to produce custom forged shapes and sizes.

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